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University of Cape Coast

The University of Cape Coast is one of the rare sea front universities in the world.  The University was established out of a dire need for highly qualified and skilled manpower in education to provide leadership and enlightenment. Its original mandate was therefore to train graduate professional teachers for Ghana’s second cycle institutions and the Ministry of Education, in order to meet the manpower needs of the country’s accelerated education programme at the time. Today, with the expansion of some of its faculties and the diversification of programmes, the University has the capacity to meet the manpower needs of other ministries and industries in the country, besides that of the Ministry of Education.

Project: Climate and Resource Protection

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University of Cape Coast
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Climate and Resource Protection

Climate and Resource Protection

Sustainable economic development requires a considerate and efficient use of natural resources. The competence center for renewable energies and resource efficiency at the University of Kumasi in Ghana aims at showcasing how this can look like in practice. For this purpose, the University partners with two North Rhine-Westphalian Universities.

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