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Environmental Protection Agency Ghana

As an agency under the Ministry of Environment, Science Technology and Innovation, the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is dedicated to continuously improving and conserving the country’s environment. It functions as regulatory body and catalyst for change towards sound environmental stewardship and oversees the implementation of the National Environment Policy in Ghana. Moreover, the EPA’s mission is to co-manage, protect and enhance the country’s environment as well as to seek common solutions to global environmental problems.

Project: Community Waste Management in Kumasi

Further information

The Ghana Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Ghana)
P.O. Box M.326



Community Waste Management in Kumasi

Community Waste Management in Kumasi

Lack of know-how in municipal waste management in Ghana has resulted in significant environmental damage and health problems. Through the development and pooling of local expertise and the transfer of practical knowledge, municipal structures are strengthened and the effects of inadequate waste management are curbed.


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