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Sustainable Management of Plastic Waste in Ghana

Dealing with the rapidly increasing volume of plastic waste in Ghana presents the country with a major challenge, and the possible solutions to date have not been sufficient. The Ghanaian Government therefore intends to develop a strategy to address the issue of plastic waste, calling upon the experience of its German partner state, North Rhine-Westphalia, in the process.
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Capacity-building in occupational and environmental medicine in Ghana

Title : Capacity-building partnership in occupational and environmental medicine in Ghana; Government and federal state pilot programme Duration : 2016 – 2018 Region: Ghana / Accra Sector: Environment and Healthcare

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Resource Recovery

Special Program: “Resource Recovery – Made in NRW”

“Resource Recovery - Made in NRW” is a technical program aimed at participant tandems, that is, recycling planners, along with their managers, of both public authorities and private companies involved in the waste management sector in Ghana and Kenya. The project also encourages the establishment of recycling collaborations between Ghana, Kenya and NRW.
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Concept For A Testing And Development Laboratory

Concept for a Testing and Development Laboratory

An effective method for improving the quality of available pharmaceuticals is the implementation of quality control of the products by certified laboratories. In view of the urgent need for action, the Ghanaian Ministry of Health has decided to set up a new Bioequivalence and Biopharmaceutical Testing and Research Centre.
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Climate and Resource Protection

Sustainable economic development requires a responsible approach to the use of natural resources. In partnership with two North Rhine-Westphalian universities, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana, is setting up a competence centre to show how it can work.
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Promoting Young Journalists from Campus Radios

In order to strengthen the diversity and quality of the media in Ghana, GIZ has organized a practice-oriented training project involving young, up-and-coming Ghanaian journalists as well as North Rhine-Westphalian campus radios. The project is funded by the government of North Rhine Westphalia.
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Feasibility Study: Renewable Energy Supply

A reliable, economical and environmentally friendly power supply is a prerequisite for sustainable development. In Ghana, a center of excellence for renewable energy and energy efficiency at the KNUST University in Kumasi will contribute towards building up the required know-how.
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Community Waste Management in Kumasi

Lack of know-how in municipal waste management in Ghana has resulted in significant environmental damage and health problems. Through the development and pooling of local expertise and the transfer of practical knowledge, municipal structures are strengthened and the effects of inadequate waste management are curbed.
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WACEE – Platform for Sustainable Economic Development

Economic growth in line with environmental, climate and resource protection requires innovative ideas and approaches. The West African Clean Energy & Environment Exhibition", WACEE for short, provides a yearly platform to promote networking and exchange for creative sustainable economic development solutions.
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