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GIZ’s projects between Ghana and NRW highlight the two countries’ successful cooperation for sustainable development – and contribute to the goals of North Rhine-Westphalia’s One-World Policy.

Mastering the global challenges of today and tomorrow requires joint action: in order to pool strengths, to learn from each other’s experience and to find proven solutions for a more sustainable use of the environment. The joint projects of Ghana and North Rhine-Westphalia initiated by GIZ show just how a successful cooperation for sustainable development can look.

The West African Republic and the German Federal State have already been connected for decades. With their partnership agreement of 2007, the multifaceted cooperation between stakeholders from business, government, and civil society of the two countries has gained a strategic foundation. Historically, the cooperation between Ghana and NRW covers a wide range of issues — from the business sector and infrastructure to the fields of energy, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, agriculture, education, culture, migration and development, all the way to issues regarding women and gender politics. In 2010, with the third anniversary of the agreement, both partner countries placed energy and the environment even further at the forefront – as they are two key issues for sustainable development equally effecting both countries.

The projects of GIZ taking place in, with and between Ghana and NRW are an important pillar of the cooperation between the two countries. These projects have been promoted by the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia since 2012 in the course of their One-World activities.


The starting point was the renewed “One World Strategy of North Rhine-Westphalia” of 2012, whereby the state government set the framework for development work in North Rhine-Westphalia and its partner regions. The country’s global responsibility is understood as an inter-agency cross-sectional issue, and all activities to implement the One-World Strategy are clearly focused on sustainability.

They comprise the following six areas of action:

  • Youth and Education
  • Science and Research
  • Climate Protection
  • Economy
  • Good Governance
  • Civil Society Commitment

The One World Strategy of the NRW State Government can be found as a document at:

GIZ projects between North Rhine-Westphalia and Ghana draw on the NRW One-World Strategy and contribute to the objectives of the six areas of action.

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