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One third of the people worldwide have inadequate access to medicines and medical care. For more than 50 years action medeor has been committed to improving the health of people in the poorest regions of the world. In cases of disaster and emergency action medeor ensures that medical aid reaches the affected areas speedily. In the long-term action medeor strengthens health systems in these countries together with its partners.

Project: Support for the creation of a regional analytical Testing and Development laboratory in Ghana

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Since 1964, the goal of action medeor has been to improve access to basic health care for all. Ever since action medeor has supported more than 10,000 hospitals and health centres in 140 countries by providing essential medicines. According to the WHO, essential medicines are fundamental to basic health care and should be available for all, at an affordable price, in a good quality and the right dosage. Action medeor offers both generics, manufactured for action medeor or donated medicines.

Pharmaceutical medical expertise

A further goal is the strengthening of local structures in poor countries by providing trainings for pharmaceutical personnel. action medeor supports local development and production of drugs and collaborates with local manufacturers in this regard. This guarantees better availability of drugs and reduces the dependency of developing countries on expensive imports.

Konzeptstudie Für Ein Prüf- Und Entwicklungslabors

Support for the creation of a regional analytical Testing and Development laboratory in Ghana

An effective method for improving the quality of available pharmaceuticals is the implementation of quality control of the products by certified laboratories. In view of the urgent need for action, the Ghanaian Ministry of Health has decided to set up a new Bioequivalence and Biopharmaceutical Testing and Research Centre.